Excel Workout Tool for P90X PLUS

Excel Workout Tool for P90X PLUS

This is the Microsoft Excel X+ Workout Manager to manage all your X+ workouts. The X+ Workout Manager starts out at the Main Menu, Where you Enter your X+ Start Date in the Green Box and that gets the ball rolling.

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This is the  X+ version of my  X Workout Manager.

If you purchased your original  X Workout Manager from me and are now needing your  X+ version, let me know when you pay, and I will rebate you back $2.00

This is the Microsoft Excel X+ Workout Manager to manage all your X+ workouts.

X+ Workout Manager starts out at the Main Menu, Where you Enter your X+ Start Date in the Green Box and that gets the ball rolling.

p90x plus main menu
This beginning date gets sent throughout the program to build / setup your Worksheets and your 
Master Calendar.

Your first order of business should be to click on the 
      Main Start Up Data Sheet        link.

This is where you Enter your Beginning Body Stats. That way you will know how far you have progressed at the end of your 90 day fitness quest. It is easy to complete and only takes a minute or so. Just Enter your info into the Yellow Shaded Blocks and watch as you body fat % is automatically calculated for you. You can also enter your own body fat % number from the body fat calculator page. There you can
enter your caliper readings, and the program automatically calculates your body fat %. Or enter your own number from scales or other measuring device.

main setup page
As you can see from the previous screen shots you have clickable Menu Links at the Top of Each Page. Every Page has Clickable Menu Links for Easy Navigation.
Sometimes you don't even realize you are using a spreadsheet due to all the clickable links and menu items.

Now take a look at your Command Center Page. The Master Calendar.

Master Calendar is where you can view a nicely color coded layout of all your X+ Workouts.

All the workout blocks are clickable links to that particular worksheet. You can jump
to anywhere you want to go from the 
Master Calendar.

This program covers 13 weeks. not just 12 like some others. 

p90x plus master workout calendar

As you can see, everything is nicely formatted in an easy to read and use Calendar. You just click on a workout you want to view or complete and the program sends you right to it. That's all there is to it. Every Page and Worksheet has links to the
Master Calendar, Main Menu and many other relevant pages as well.
You can zip from page to page with ease.

What if you need to miss or reschedule a workout?
If you miss a workout, you can just change that calculated date with the actual date you do the workout, and all the following dates are reshuffled to the correct date. All the worksheets automatically adjust their dates as well.
What could be easier than that?

It is color coded for even easier viewing. There are also screen sizing buttons on the page for easier viewing as well. All The worksheets have check boxes so you can keep track of completed workouts. The worksheet check boxes and the 
Master Calendar check boxes are in sync with each other, so when you check or uncheck one, the other one gets checked, and vice versa. The Master Calendar also has the same reciprocal check boxes for, the Abs/Core Plus Workouts as well.

As an example, Let's click on your first workout, Upper Plus

Here is a screenshot of that journal. As on every page, you have your clickable Menu Links at the Top, as well as page sizing buttons. (Full-Screen, Zoom 75%, Zoom back to 100% screen, and the little monitor with "The End" on screen takes off the Full-Screen Feature. Full-Screen is great because you get to see alot more of the worksheet.

upper plus worksheet

Some X'ers like to record their numbers on their hard copy worksheets during the workout, and when they are recovered, enter their recorded numbers into the Excel X Workout Manager.
I have quite a few customers who just set their laptops up in their workout area, and when Tony says record it, they just walk over to their laptop, and a couple clicks to enter their numbers, and they are done.

As mentioned before Every Worksheet has a check box so you can Check it via mouse click when that workout is completed. That gets sent to your
Master Calendar.  The Check Off Boxes are linked both ways.
You can check it on the Calendar or Worksheet as they both are in sync.

Every worksheet has notes of what Tools are needed for that workout, plus you have room for notes at the bottom of each sheet. Each worksheet has a notes section as well.
For Each workout, where Ab Ripper is next, the link is on there
for you to go right to that dated column.  Each Main Workout has the link which takes you to the Graph for that Workout as well.
It is always nice to see a graphical representation of your improving numbers.

Here is a screenshot of the
Upper Plus workout Graph.  

You will be viewing Advanced Graphing, where you have total control of what data you want to see.
Advanced Graphing with Many Ways to Filter. This is the ultimate in one-click control. One click on the check mark to select all, one click on the X to UnSelect All, then 1 click to select the ones you want to see. See exactly the graph lines you want, or don't wantto see. Just by clicking a few buttons.


Advanced Graphing. No nosediving of the lines if no data exists, as you're going to see with the others.


You get worksheets for all the PLUS workouts as well, as the Regular P90X workouts
which get mixed in with the Plus Workouts.

worksheets menu 
And All the Graphs as Well:

    charts menu

Another great feature of this program, are your weekly Check-Up Pages.
Normally, on the morning after your X-Stretch, or Rest Day, you can Enter your
Weekly Check-Up Numbers. Enter your Weight, Waist, Hips, and Neck measurements in the
Yellow Shaded Cells,  and watch as your Body Fat %, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Lean Body Mass Numbers are automatically calculated for you. This program includes ALL 13 Weeks of Check Up Pages. You have a side tab, on the form,  with clickable links  for easy navigation between all the check up pages.
These handy Check Up Pages give you the ability to easily record your weekly body stat numbers and automatically builds your 13 Week Progress Journal. You don't have to enter anything, but just, click on the links to it and view your  weekly body stat progress.
progress chart
Don’t forget about Nutrition

The other half of the fitness equation is diet and nutrition. (Clean Eating).

at No Extra Charge  I will also include my X Nutrition Manager.

main p90x nutrition menu

This Program helps you follow The X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan,  which is designed to help you lose fat  while maintaining high energy levels.


This P90X Portion plan is designed for those who don't have a lot of time or patience to prepare a meal that involves more than one or two steps. lt is definitely better suited to those who don't like to cook and follow recipes.

You are provided with 13 weeks of easy to use meal log sheets INCORPORATING THE EASY TO USE PORTION PLAN APPROACH.

All the Meal Logs are easily accessible by the Nicely formatted Main Nutrition Calendar. This Main Nutrition Calendar lets you jump to any day's meal log and a single click, and back again with no problem.

master nutrition calendar
All the above dates are automatically calculated from the Main Menu and set up for you. Just click on any date to go to that day's easy to use Meal Log.  You can Also Jump to any of the Meal Plans to view those as well. Plus you get a Nutrition Guide Summary Page.

The Next Screenshot is of the easy to use Meal Log.  

meal log

Your Correct Nutrition Level, and Correct Food Portions are Automatically Calculated from your Body Weight Entry at the top of the Food Journal.
No more flipping through Paper Meal Guides, and getting out a calculator abd trying figuring out your numbers.
This page does it all for you. You can change your Body Weight Daily, or at the recommended,  end of week, Check Up. 
Then, Just place X'S or ANY CHARACTER in the above easy to use Food Journal.
As you enter your consumed portions, watch as the program automatically counts your consumed  portions, and automarically calculates your calories. This is an easy way to let you know if you are on staying on track.
I use a 1-2 letter system, and I can easily get a quick look at what i ate for that Day. ie, F for Fish, C for Chicken, GB for Green Beans, E for an Egg, EW for egg whites,  T for Tuna, B for bread in the veggies row, B for Banana in the Fruit row, TJ for Turkey Jerky,
CC for Cottage Cheese, etc. You can use any Letter system you want to use that has meaning for you.

If some of the letters are bad, ie BC for Birthday Cake, you could right notes on how clean your other meal choices were that day. If all other foods were clean, you could probably give yourself a B or B-.   

Looks pretty simple to me.  Just a Few Key Strokes and that's it.

Your program also keeps track of your water if you want. The total ounces block turns green when you meet the minimum requirements mentioned in the nutrition guide.

There is a link on every meal journal for that weeks Portion Summaries. You not only get a daily record of your nutrition, but a weekly snapshot as well.  You ger all 13 weeks of Nutrition Summaries.

As you can see, you get a nice report of how your week went on the portion plan.  And Yes, the underlined dates are clickable links to the Meal Logs for that week, plus all the usual links for easy navigation.

week totals

Which includes the recommended foods and portions for all the phases and levels.

nutriton guide summary

+++++ Also Included is A Daily Calories Summary Report to compare actual calories with your target calories.


I know I haven't filled you in on all the features of this program. You're probably pretty tired reading all this. Thanks for allowing all the screen-shots to load.

As you can see, from the description above, and the screenshots, you get quite a lot for only $8.77.

      You get 2 Programs/Files for the Price of One.

I created this program template with MS Excel 2007 and saved it as a 97-2003 template file which most people have.

This is the one you will download instantly once payment is made. (It will be in ZIP format).

(A template is a file, that once opened, can be saved under any name, leaving the original file intact to be used over and over again.)

However, this is no mere template. All the pages are interlocked together via menus and links for easy navigating.

Save yourself any spreadsheet creation headaches and Wasted Hours because I have done it all for you.

The file is Compatible with Windows MS Excel 97-2007. THE PROGRAM DOES CONTAIN MACROS AND VISUAL BASIC CODE.

**** Note: From user feedback, it appears, due to the file size, graphics, macros, and visual basic code, Excel 97 owners may have trouble opening this file. Same as with the MAC users. (if Excel 97 users try it, and it doesn't work then you get a refund).
**** Not Recommended for MAC 2008 users either.

Just check out all the screenshots, and if this is something you can use I will provide any support you need.

(Due to different versions of Excel, Monitor sizes, and graphic cards, the screen colors and screen fit, may not Be exactly as shown. What you see is how it looks on my screen. This gives you an idea of what is included in the program and what it looks like.

If you ever lose or accidentally mess up a template, just let me know and I will send you another one.

If not happy, let me know, and I will refund your money.

Access to the programs, will be sent no later than 10 hrs after payment is received.
Quite often, in the evenings, I am able to send within minutes of purchase.

Thanks a lot and get ripped more with X+


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